Strategy and Positioning
Strategy and Positioning

The globalization of processes changes businesses as well as the competitive environment. Thereby, the consistency of the enterprise’s brand and a fully-fledged positioning is of high importance and should not be neglected at any time. Therefore, the UPS (Unique Selling Point) is of particular importance. But which requirements and potentials arise for an enterprise 3.0 in the digital world?

We will guide and assist you to find the right strategic and conceptual approach for a go-to-market implementation by creating a digital roadmap divided into seven phases:

  1. Market and product analysis/ market positioning/ ambition
  2. Analysis of corporate divisions
  3. Competition in the physical and virtual world
  4. Potentials in the physical and virtual world
  5. Digital catalogue of measures of processes and timeline
  6. Corporate transparency through communication with employees and PR
  7. Implementation of digital directions and processes