Customer 3.0
Customer 3.0

Especially in the digital world, success is driven by a professional handling of increasingly complex customer structures. Cross-channel strategies, concepts and customer experience throughout the entire customer journey are crucial in achieving success. “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. Corresponding with this often quoted management maxim, the analysis of customer relationships has developed towards a field of growth.

Together we will develop a strategic conceptual approach delineated in a roadmap divided into six phases that lead to the successful implementation:

  1. Analysis of the customer 2.0 and potential possibilities of existing channels
  2. Market research and orientation of target group definition 3.0
  3. Development and expansion of database and predictive analytics
  4. Development and implementation of an omni-channel strategy
  5. Integration of customer experience into the daily customer journey
  6. Digital customer service and content marketing hase 5 – Implementation and success monitoring