Organization and Structures
Organization and Structures

According to the innovations ranking 2018, corporate structure and culture are the main sources of innovation. The digital transformation in the new world of work equally challenges enterprises and their employees. There are new structures, new competencies and especially new ways of communication that require adjustment.

How do I successfully establish a digital culture in my enterprise? How do I structure collaboration, exchange of information, communication and knowledge sharing? What does leadership mean in the digital age? Which topics arise from the customer 3.0 and newly introduced or changed business areas for the employee 3.0?

Together we will answer these questions and assist you from the conceptual approach to the implementation in a digital roadmap divided into four phases:

  1. Analysis of the existing organization and recommendations for action
  2. Development of new principles for the digital culture and guidance through cultural changes
  3. Definition of future competencies and elaboration of the job description 3.0
  4. Coaching and recruitment