4 examples of effective geomarketing possibilities

  1. Regional market data (or market potentials) is different from the specific address of the target audience due to their aggregated form of expression and demonstrated sales potential by particular area.
  2. One of the defining decisions in an enterprise is the issue of location. Unknown markets, particularly in foreign countries, can be judged more efficiently with the use of geomarketing and regional market data, so that locations with high potential can be analyzed on a micro-level.
  3. The area optimization for sales and service teams optimizes your overall sales performance. We provide you with a neutral perspective based on the numbers to optimize your sales area organization according to clearly defined goals.
  4. Utilization analysis and route planning offer your enterprise a concrete forecast on how to reduce costs by optimizing workload. With our approach of utilization analysis you are able to use visiting time-slots and working time-slots efficiently.